Hi there :))

Hi there :))

Zhongwen Hu (Lisa)


- Made in Shanghai, China

- Living in NYC

- Painter, animator and illustrator 

Zhongwen Hu

Ÿ Phone: +1(315)-706-3082 Ÿ Email: lisawho1127@gmail.com


Master of Fine Arts, Illustration                                                                                      2015-2017

Syracuse University                                                                                                                        

Bachelor of Art Design, Visual Communication                                                                 2010-2014

Shanghai University, College of Fine Arts




“30 Under 30.” Viridian Artists, New York, NY                                                                  Feb. 2018

“National Wet Paint MFA Biennal.” Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, IL                                    Jan. 2018

"Let’s be Dragons." ArtHelix, Brooklyn, NY                                                                      April 2017

"Let’s be Dragons: Serpents Inside." Point of Contact Gallery, Syracuse, NY                     April 2017

“Surreal Salon 9.” Baton Rouge Gallery, Louisiana                                                              Jan.2017

“Dry Sweat.” Random Access Gallery, Syracuse, NY                                                         Dec. 2016

“BOX.” Random Access Gallery, Syracuse, NY                                                                 Sept. 2016

Team show. Rodchenko Art School, Moscow, Russia                                                         May 2016

Group show. Spark Contemporary Art Space, Syracuse, NY                                              Feb. 2016

“Mini Show for Big print.” Michael Sickler Gallery, Syracuse, NY                                      Sept. 2015


Recognition and Awards

Cinemì Cinemà International Short Film Festiva (Juried) – “Ant”                                          Mar. 2018

Hang Onto Your Shorts (Juried) – “Ant”                                                                              Feb. 2018

San Mauro Torinese International Film Festival Semi-Finalist – “Ant”                                    Jan. 2018

Cefalù Film Festival (Juried) – “Ant”                                                                                   Jan. 2018

Best Seconds Q4 2017 (Juried) – “Ant”                                                                              Jan. 2018

3rd Animation Marathon (Juried) – “Ant”                                                                           Oct. 2017

International Short Film Festival Kalmthout Belgium first selection – “Ant”                        Sept. 2017

European Film Festival (Mainstream & Underground) Semi-Finalist – “Ant”                        Sept. 2017

Top Shorts Online Film Festival (Juried) – “Ant”                                                                June 2017

Short Stop International Film Festival 4th Edition Best Animation Finalist – "Ant"              June 2017

Winter 2017 IIFA Honorable Mention Award Winner – "Ant”                                               Mar. 2017

3-Minute Film Festival Best Student Film Award – "Ant"                                                    Feb. 2017

Communication Arts 2017 Illustration shortlist                                                                  Jan. 2017

Feel The Reel International Film Festival (Juried) – "Ant"                                                   Nov. 2016

Barcelona Planet Film Festival (Juried) – "Ant"                                                                  Oct. 2016

Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival (Juried) – "Ant"                                                           Oct. 2016

Syracuse University Creative Opportunity Grant                                                                      2015

Syracuse University Creative Opportunity Grant                                                                      2014

University-Level Outstanding Student, Shanghai University                                              2012-2013

Second-Level Scholarship, Shanghai University                                                                2012-2013

First-Level Scholarship, Shanghai University                                                                     2011-2012

First-Level Scholarship, Shanghai University                                                                     2010-2011

University-Level Outstanding Student, Shanghai University                                               2010-2011



Speech and presentation as a visiting artist, Mothership NYC                                           July 2017

Speech and presentation for the Visiting Artist Course Syracuse University                       Jan. 2017

2012 “China Campus #2.” The Transcultural Design China Program                                   Sept. 2012

2012 Creative Design Work Camp – Product Design Studio                                              June 2012